Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lab Workout #12 : My PLN (Personal Learning Network)

I will run my Personal Learning Network from iGoogle. My PLN allows me to access all of my resources that pertain to my professional growth in the field of elementary education. By putting all of my tools and resources in one place I can more efficiently find everything I need.

Here I will link to:

Twitter - I can follow teachers or education experts on their twitters.

Teacher blogs - I can immediately see the latest posts from elementary ed teachers.

Any useful podcasts

Delicious - All of my favorite sites and links are easily accessible. I am also linked to Professor Leftwich's account. I could find the delicious accounts of elementary teachers to really help me find their favorite tried and true sites and resources.

TeacherTube and YouTube - Here I can quickly find videos pertaining to a certain subject.

My iGoogle (where I manage my personal learning network) is still in the works, and will mostly likely always be in progress as I find new resources and tools.

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