Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lab Workout 10: Station 1: KidPix Pictographs (Elementary/Early Childhood/TAL - Required, option 1)

This week our topic of an educational tool is Data Analysis. This Station used KidPix, individual student exploration, class discussion, and analyzing a pictograph and a glyph.

I first created a Tally Sheet in Microsoft Word to give to each kindergarten student. They can take this around the class and collect data from other students about what their favorite sport is.

The next section was to create a Pictograph using KidPix of the class' favorite sports. I drew a picture of a playground with 22 students, the number of kids in "Mrs. Martin's kindergarten class", on it. A stick figure with a basketball for a head represents one student who said their favorite sport is basketball. The same goes for baseball, volleyball, football, and soccer.
Next, I created a Snowman glyph in KidPix. A glyph is a picture that you make by following a list of choices. For each question, you choose yes or no. If yes you add one thing to your picture, if no you add a different thing. The resulting image will be unique to the student who made it, depending on their choices. A glyph is a good way to represent the unique differences among students.
To wrap up these activities, I created a list of discussion questions for the whole class to talk about. A class discussion is a good way to bring the whole class together at the end of a lesson and review the key topics they were meant to grasp. In these discussions, students will talk about what they see in each picture, what the things they see mean, and what they can do with that information.

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